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Contact: Gu Bin

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Tel: +86-513-85326870

E-mail: gubin@ntlg.cn

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Jiangsu Linge Automation Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2002, is located in the garden of Nantong Industrial Technology Institute. It has been serving intelligent manufacturing enterprises in Nantong and its surrounding areas, providing technical services and solutions for enterprises. The company has a total of 51 employees, including 30 technicians, and is now committed to systematic solutions for factory logistics automation, including robot loading and unloading, palletizing, AGV, RGV logistics transportation, data acquisition, digital display, and integration with MES and ERP. The company's core business is the application and promotion of industrial automation system integration, serving equipment manufacturers in Nantong and its surrounding areas, involving woodworking, foam cutting, brush making, logistics industries. The company can perform system design and selection, electric cabinet integration, control program, upper computer software, and CAM software development.







The company's core business, industry attributes, personnel allocation, technical solution capabilities, etc. (highlighting the company's core advantages, relying on Befu platform solution capabilities, highlight projects or solutions, professional strengths such as: system design, installation and debugging, program software development, electric cabinet integration, etc.)