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Surface defect detection system of impregnated paper

System function:1. Realizing defect detection within the detection range of impregnated paper, processing the related data and giving the feedback to the user, and providing defect image2. Customizing the template parameters by users3. Classifying defects by size, category, etc.


CAD/CAM punching solution

The punching solution is based on Beckhoff EtherCAT technology, which combines CAD and CAM to generate G-codes for automated punching. It is stable and efficient. The solution now provides coverage for the brush making industry and the woodworking industry (six-sided drilling).


Industrial robot solutions

We provide mature solutions for using industrial robots in various processes,such as the solution with Yaskawa MS165 manipulator and Eston ER170B-2650 six-axes manipulator as the core execution components, and equipped with 3D vision, robot end effector, conveying line for material all in one piece for a given job, weighing platform and based on Beckhoff control technology to achieve automatic cutting and palletizing for customers.


Fixed color mark cutting solution

Requirement analysis:The solution is applied to the floor paper and decorative paper in the Home decoration and construction industry, where the paper needs to be cut off at a fixed color mark.


AGV warehousing solution

Through the wifi network layout, the runtime library area is covered. After drawing the map, planning the route and allocating the trolley on the PC side, the command can be issued to let the AGV trolley carry out the moving task.


Data acquisition solution

Advantages:1. The touch screen with 4G can save the 4G box from the third party, with low cost and simple maintenance2. The system is adopted with variable association mode, with simple implementation3. It is adopted with standard MQTT and can be connected to the box from the third party4. It is not limited by the IP address of site equipment

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