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Big data kanban of Gongpu Education in Kunshan, Jiangsu

The Project mainly consists of three sectors. The left side is the use of all equipment in the campus (startup & shutdown status, operation status, energy consumption), the middle is the talent training overview, distribution of the campus, number of college graduates last year, number of talent needs and talent gap, and the right side is the post demand, salary and recruitment information.

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Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Siqi Technology Co., Ltd. Big Data Kanban

The project collects real-time data through the Buke screen and writes the data into MQTT. The project function is to display the real-time production data of multiple assembly lines by rotation, including the temperature, frequency and speed of the equipment and the alarm prompt.

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Equipment management board of Jiangsu Zhangjiagang Siqi Technology Co., Ltd

This item is mainly used to view equipment repair processing progress, including repair progress, audit progress, equipment failure ranking in the last 7 days, repair time ranking and downtime ranking.

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Starry Cloud Background Management System

The front and back end separation technology is used to connect all pages together and control the display of the page. Through the system, users can realize equipment management, operation and maintenance management, system user role management, statistical analysis (collected equipment status and production data) through a visual tool. Users can view and manage information at any time after logging in, more efficiently obtain information, and intelligently monitor equipment, Timely find out the fault problem, and the Star Cloud background management system can manage the operation and maintenance by means of informatization, so as to make the operation and maintenance service more efficient, safe and convenient.

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