Why choose BECKHOFF Industrial PC?

Beckhoff is famous for its ability to provide high-density products, especially industrial PC product series, and its innovation cycle is also very short
Q: But how about the long-term supply capacity?
      This is actually one of the most important features of Beckhoff equipment, and also one of the most important issues that Beckhoff considers when developing products, such as C69XX series products, and the first motherboards we use are equipped with Pentium ® M processor.

It can be seen from the equipment that although the performance of each generation of processors is improving, the interface remains unchanged. Perhaps the USB2.0 interface will be replaced by USB3.0, but their positions are the same, and they can provide DVL and RS232 interfaces, which is the service that Beckhoff can provide for users:

Users can start with industrial PCs and choose products with long-term supply or short innovation cycle. Every two or three years, users can use new CPUs with higher performance and efficiency.
      Take the C69XX series products as an example. Beckhoff launched in 2005, and plans to guarantee a supply period of at least five years, plus a service period of five years, which means that the motherboard will be able to provide until 2011. If the product is discontinued, the customer will be notified in advance, so the user has several months to choose how to order the product, or choose to purchase it. The customer can choose one of them, and can benefit from long-term supply.