Pan Jianhua, Vice Mayor, investigated Jiangsu Linge Automation Technology Co., Ltd

      Pan Jianhua, Deputy Mayor of Nantong, Gao Hongjun, Deputy Secretary-General of Nantong Municipal Government, and relevant leading experts from Xi'an Institute of Optics and Mechanics, Chinese Academy of Sciences visited Jiangsu Linger Automation Technology Co., Ltd., the chairman of the District Overseas Chinese Chamber of Commerce. (Data chart)

      Mr. Gu Bin, General Manager of Linger Automation, introduced Linger Automation's main products, development process, future planning, etc. Under the leadership of Gu Bin, the company practiced Zhang Jian's spirit, kept a low profile, worked hard, and pioneered and innovated. The company has provided a number of technical automation support for Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd., and has been praised and awarded trophies by Zhongtian Technology Co., Ltd. The company recently set up a branch in Foshan, Guangdong to expand its business. The company has grown into a key technology enterprise in Nantong.

      Mayor Pan pointed out that the construction of industrial automation is the major trend in the future. He hoped that Ringer Automation would continue to develop steadily, expand productivity, and provide more services to build a modern intelligent society.